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Wandsworth Care Alliance

Message from Delia at Wandsworth Care Alliance

Yearly Migrant project

I’m really pleased to inform you that Wandsworth Care Alliance (WCA) have received a small pot of funding from Family Trust to coordinate a 12 month project with seldom heard groups – that support migrant groups. The project will focus on improving the provision for groups who support migrant groups – who are potentially disadvantaged by health or social conditions.  We hope to use the small pot of funding secured from Family Trust to bridge the gap that increasingly limits “seldom heard groups” growth.

We will be supporting one group for a period of 12 month.  If you are selected, an individual support package will be designed to meet your group’s needs.  I have attached a brief project outline explaining what this will involve.

To get the ball rolling I would like to know if your organisation would be interested in taking part in the project?

If the answer is yes, our next steps will be to arrange a visit to your organisation, preferably within the next week or two, to do an initial audit too identify how we could support you, and/ if your group would benefit from our support.

We aim to commence working with the selected group from the first week in March 2018, therefore your prompt response would be most welcomed.  If you would like to discuss this matter any further, please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 8516 7766 or delia@wandcareall.org.uk

Looking forward to hearing from you.