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Learn about lymphoma: Lymphoma Out Loud

New Tooting based education and awareness charity

Lymphoma Out Loud is a charity recently established in Tooting by Charlotte Cox. It offers community groups, schools and colleges etc awareness talks about lymphoma aimed at young adults. Lymphoma is the most common cancer in this age group.

Charlotte, who was diagnosed with lymphoma three years ago, writes:

“ I’m 30 years old and following two years of mis-diagnosis, I was finally told I had advanced and progressive lymphoma. I discovered that I’d been living with the cancer for the past two years, and that it was now incurable.

After doing some research, I found out that lymphoma – a disease I’d never heard of before – was the most common cancer in people under 30. Determined to ensure no other young person goes through a diagnosis like mine and to make sure everyone knows the signs and symptoms I have set up my own education and awareness charity Lymphoma Out Loud to help people spot the signs and symptoms of Lymphoma.

Every 27 minutes another person is diagnosed with Lymphoma, making it the most common blood cancer and the most common cancer in young people and it is on the increase.  Despite this, awareness is shockingly low.

We want to bring our talks to students at colleges and Universities, professionals in their workplaces and to local communities.

Would you have the opportunity for us to present our lymphoma educational and awareness talk to your community group? The presentation will take less than 30 minutes and is completely free”

Please contact Charlotte on:

07872 631600