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Tony Sandiford, Chair of WIFFA, invites you to join in WIFFA’s 2019 programme
The latest edition of The Digest, the newaletter of the West Indies Families and Friends Association ( WIFFA ) gives an update on its year in 2018 and lays out its programme ahead. All are invited to take part in this.

WIFFA serves the Caribbean community through a lively programme of events and activities.The Association is based in Mitcham, but many residents and former residents of the Tooting and Balham area take part in its activities.
Wiffa hosts regular quiz sessions, dominoes sessions, dances, outings and other social activities to raise money to help support various charities and good causes including members facing difficulties.
To obtain the current edition of The Digest, contact  Tony Sandiford ontonysandiford@yahoo.co.uk, or email info@wiffa.co.uk The Digest contains lots of interesting articles and is always a good read.
You can also find out more about Wiffa by visiting  http:/wiffa.co.uk