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Forever Fishponds – the future : join a Zoom meeting in mid April?


Next steps on Fishponds Playing Fields

Exploring Zoom meeting options 

Lucy Neal, who leads the Forever Fishponds’ alliance of community groups, invites expressions of interest via DoodlePoll in a meeting in mid April on the future of the fields.

Dear Friends
We’ve been working to establish what happens next in Wandsworth Council’s decision making around plans for the future of the Fields.  We hope to create wider public access, increase biodiversity and enable a full range of activities on the field.

For those of you that are able and interested to be involved in forward thinking, we propose an online ZOOM meeting with as many as possible to advance collective thinking on from January 12th’s meeting in Streatham Cemetery.

Should you wish to ‘gather’ online, please fill in this DoodlePoll to find out when most people can make a time together on April 14/17/18/20th
Please FILL IN BY APRIL 10th so we can choose a date as soon as possible – a range of day/evening timings is included.

Please see the word cloud above – made up from the many ideas and suggestions people came up with that day.

If you have yet to take part in a ZOOM: it’s quite simple. Down load the App on your computer/phone (for free) and I will send a link to ‘the meeting’ by email which when you click it brings you into to the meeting. I will only send you the link if you expressly ask to take part.

With all good wishes at such a strange and challenging time.
With hope we can come together to make good things in Tooting happen.
Lucy and team

More background
Lucy has had the chance to catch up with both Cllr Steffi Sutters and Cllr Sarah McDermott – both at January’s meeting – before the lockdown. February decision making in response to the December 2019 consultation was postponed due to December’s election. A plan to do this in June 2020, allows for tenders for the management and maintaining of the Fields to be confirmed in November.

There’s an opportunity therefore to engage once again to draw up proposals to create wider public access; increase biodiversity and honour a full range of activities on the field. Would you be interested in co-designing that?  We hope so.

Current individuals and community organisations represented thus far include:
Local residents living on Fishponds Road/Hebdon Road
Transition Town Tooting
Balham and Tooting Community Association
Friends of Streatham Cemetery
Tooting Healthy Streets
Spencer Cricket Club
Summerstown 182
XR Commoners/Wandsworth
Wandsworth Living Streets
Tooting Bec and Broadway Neighbourhood Forum
Wandsworth Cyclists