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Covid 19 response: support making visors for the NHS


Covid 19 response: making visors
for NHS frontline staff

Support ‘Helpful Engineering UK’

Local volunteers have formed a new group to make visors for members of the NHS in response to the coronavirus outbreak. They seek your support to scale up their efforts. Visors are a key element in PPE equipment.

‘Helpful Engineering UK’, which is based in Wimbledon, is a new group who are using 3D printers and laser cutters to create visors for frontline NHS staff across the UK. To date they have delivered a thousand visors to hospital workers and plan to deliver many more.

The group say they were inspired by the first Thursday clap for the NHS and wanted to help hospital workers more directly by creating protective equipment for the NHS.
‘Helpful Engineering UK’ has set up a fundraising page in a bid to fund materials.
To donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/ujap6d-ppe-for-the-nhs

Katie Meech, founder of Helpful Engineering UK, writes:

“The frontline NHS workers are so grateful for the 1,000 visors we have produced in our first week. They say it’s exactly the protection they need, it’s reusable, easy to clean and comfortable. The challenge is to keep up with demand, as we already supply doctors and nurses at nine London hospitals, and they are asking for many more”
“The key to protecting hospital workers is to ensure they have the right protective equipment- we urgently need to mobilise more 3D printers and laser cutters. We can share files, offer advice, arrange pickups and delivery – and hope to be able to cover the cost of materials through fundraising too.”

“We are so grateful to those who have donated to Helpful Engineering UK’s fundraising so far – we have already raised over £3,000, but we need to raise more to produce more”.