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Covid 19 response: support local initiative to make PPE for front line workers


Covid 19 response: Support local initiative to make PPE for frontline workers
Helpful Engineering UK
This is an update on local work by Helpful Engineering UK which was first featured in our email of 20th April.

Helpful Engineering UK is a new London community grassroots initiative aimed at producing and distributing PPE to frontline workers across the capital. Volunteers in Wandsworth and Wimbledon have provided strong leadership and input.

In its first month, Helpful Engineering UK has:

  • Produced, assembled and delivered over 15,000 reusable visors to frontline workers in hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics and care homes;
  • Locally, this has included the Nightingale Hammerson care home in Nightingale Lane.
  • Brought together over 200 volunteers in schools, universities, businesses and homes across the capital to produce, assemble and deliver visors. This includes several schools in Wandsworth.
Visors are produced by volunteers in a network of 3D printers and laser cutters across London. This includes:
  • individuals running a 3D printer in their home
  • school producing visors in DT departments
  • companies and universities reopening facilities in a safe way.
How you can help
Helpful Engineering UK relies on fundraising to cover costs of materials. Please donate at GoFundMe
Each reusable visor costs 60p to produce, so a £6 donation will protect another 10 key workers on the frontline.

Go to www.helpfulengineering.uk for more information, to make a request for PPE or to volunteer.
Follow HEUK on FacebookTwitter or Instagram
For more information, contact: susan.m.tomlinson@btinternet.com