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Green up your street! Sharing Seeds project


Green up your street
Get involved in the Sharing Seeds project

Could you help make  your street greener and more attractive? Are there trees in your street with bare, neglected bases? Get involved in the Sharing Seeds project which encourages people to plant flowers and plants at the base of street trees. This both improves the appearance of the street and brings benefits such as improved soil and a better environment for bees and other pollinators. The project is run by Transition Town Tooting with council funding via the Wandsworth Grant Fund.
The basic idea is to plant seeds or seedlings at the base of the tree that will develop into flowers. You can plant seeds directly onto the base, or start the plants off at home and then transfer them. The Sharing Seeds project provides support every step of the way. The website provides full guidance on identifying suitable trees, and recommends the sorts of seeds to use. It can supply these, and gives help with questions and  problems. The website is very easy to follow and beautifully illustrated.
Becky Howarth from Transition Town Tooting said:
“There are many Tooting street-tree bases currently bare – you can take part by planting in them, helping improve the soil and encourage pollinators. Planting street tree bases means you get to form a relationship with a particular tree, get involved in improving how your local streets look, sound and smell, and get to enjoy the experience of growing and seeing new plants develop through the year.”
Find out more about Sharing Seeds at https://sharingseeds2020.blogspot.com/p/welcome.html  or visit  @sharingseeds on Instagram.
Email: transitiontowntooting@gmail.com