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Safer Streets: 20 mph speed limit in Trinity Road CORRECTION




The organisers write:

“We want TfL to extend its Safe Speeds initiative, as part of Vision Zero to Red Route, Trinity Road, South West London now. We want the following measures introduced.
·       20mph speed limit
·       Speed and Noise cameras

Trinity Road is home to thousands with residential properties, nursing homes and schools as well as shops and other amenities which rely on walk in trade. Speed limits should be set accordingly to respect all who live and use the pavements and the road.

As residents we have witnessed and know accidents between cars, bikes, motorbikes and pedestrians, some quite serious; damage and destruction of wooden bollards and metal railings protecting the pavements; damage and destruction of white/yellow plastic bollards in the middle of the road where pedestrians often cross on multiple occasions; noise levels that have increased dramatically and pollution levels that desperately need attention

Traffic police measures are inadequate and not a deterrent. Outside busy hours the 30 Mph speed limit is breached excessively, beyond 50Mph and higher increasing accident risk, fear of risk and unacceptable noise pollution.

We all love our homes, area and community, and are interested in initiatives that make our neighbourhood a better, less polluted and a safer place to live.  How can we promote more cycling, walking if we don’t feel safe on shared roads and thin pavements of Trinity Road? “

Bahar and Martin Hynes

WBC initiative to secure 20mph limit on all Red Routes

Wandsworth Borough Council are pressing TfL to introduce a 20 mph speed limit on all Red Routes, so that the entire borough will have a 20mph limit. Please see their letter, and do what you can to give support.