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Wandsworth Open Space Survey Consultation


   Wandsworth Open Spaces Survey Consultation 
            Tell the Council what matters to you                                           Wandsworth Council have launched a survey seeking views on the use of open space in our area. It will feed into the next Wandsworth Local Plan, which provides the framework for planning policy and specific planning decisions. It’s a great opportunity to make your views heard about the importance of green space and the specific areas you think need to be prioritised and improved.

You can respond to the survey in two ways.

  • go to the survey on the Council website and contribute your views by 8th August https://haveyoursay.citizenspace.com/environment/open-space/
  • to help BATCA send a collective response, reply briefly to the questions below, which summarise the main questions the survey covers. Or just send a general comment. Please email me at secretary@batca.org with your reply by Thursday 30th July. I will compile the replies into a BATCA response.

Both are important. Please try to find a few minutes for this!

Questions for response

1. Which sites in your area are particularly important to you?

2. Are there sites/areas you feel could be made better use of? Are some not well used? If not, why is this? eg litter, restricted access, poor safety, vandalism. 

3. What improvements could be made to local open space provision? E.g. more facilities etc, better quality.

4. Are there natural ‘social boundaries’ between different parts of the area? e.g. someone from one area is unlikely to go into another area.

What about Fishponds?

Everyone will have their own priorities for the most important sites, and the improvements they’d like to see. Please respond accordingly. But if you value the current opening of Fishponds Playing Fields in Hebdon Road for the summer, and would like it to be extended for the long term, please think of mentioning it.  Providing feedback to the Council on this is vitally important.

More information

Please see the links below to
The full text of the Open Spaces Survey questionnaire sent to BATCA (Word doc)  https://mcusercontent.com/e47bff345ce57a3990d13aa54/files/a54355a6-f151-41cc-9815-a0b897d3d282/Residents_and_Community_Associations_5_.docx
The Council press release about the survey
The vision document for the future of the fields ‘Reimagining Fishponds”.from the the Forever Fishponds grouping of community bodies..