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Fishponds Fields summer opening – update


   Fishponds Playing Fields summer opening 8am-6pm until 6th September
Hebdon Road SW17 7NW 
Picnic 4-6pm Friday 21st August

Local families are enjoying Fishponds Fields being open for the summer. They’re open from 8am-6pm every day until 6th September. It’s a safe, calm place, with acres of space for kids to run around, ride bikes, kick a football around and climb on the play equipment. Lots of people use it every day.

Teens and older people enjoy it too for meeting friends, having picnics, solo strolling and simply enjoying nature.

The group ‘Forever Fishponds’, which brings together many local people and groups, is working to make the fields accessible to everyone for the long term for a wide variety of play and leisure uses, and to support biodiversity.  Their vision for the fields’ future is at https://mcusercontent.com/e47bff345ce57a3990d13aa54/files/8f342569-b928-4251-bed0-f8f605e7d189/Re_imagining_Fishponds_Fields_A5_v3_3_.pdf

Picnic 4-6 pm on Friday 21st August

Forever Fishponds invite you to join them on Friday 21st August between 4-6pm for a socially distanced picnic to share your experience of the fields this summer, and express your  ideas and wishes for their future. It will be warm in spirit, but organised on Covid secure lines to ensure the requirements of social distancing are fully met. Bring your own picnic, or gorge on the blackberries that are more prolific than ever.
Gathering users’ views is important, so please come if you can, especially if you live near the fields.

Whether or not you can come on 21st August, we hope you’ll make active use of the fields in the remaining weeks of their summer opening, and show how much it matters for individuals and families to have green space close at hand. As we go forward, community support will be very important.