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New Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Tooting announced : details


           Three new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
in Tooting announced

Wandsworth Council has just announced the details of three new Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes in the areas round Fishponds Road, Beechcroft Road and the Graveney area of Tooting. The aim is to create calmer streets where walking and cycling are safer and more enjoyable, and reduce rat running and congestion. It will be easier to maintain social distancing.

See the full details in the Council press release at

The areas concerned are shown in the map above. These schemes work by restricting access to motor traffic at certain points, while allowing bikes and pedestrians through.

The schemes are temporary arrangements on a trial basis. They are being introduced quickly to meet government funding conditions, meaning there has been little or no scope for advance consultation. The Council are keen however to gather feedback from  now on at:.


Low Traffic Neighbourhoods for the long term

The long term prospects for these and other Low Traffic Neighbourhoods will depend very much on the level of support for them expressed by local residents. Please use the opportunity above to express your views.