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Spare laptop? Naz Bhokari Foundation appeal to support remote learning

Naz Legacy Foundation appeal for laptops for remote learning
Could you donate a laptop you no longer need?

Sajidah Patel of the Naz Legacy Foundation asks you to support their appeal for laptops for children whose families can’t provide kit for remote learning. If you have a laptop or tablet you no longer need, Sajidah would love to hear from you. She writes:

 “Naz Legacy Foundation, a local Tooting charity, is seeking to support schools across the community as they move to remote learning for the foreseeable future. We would really appreciate it if local businesses/residents are able to donate laptops/tablets that they no longer need to support our young people progress with their education. If you are able to support this please email info@nazlegacy.orgThe Foundation is conscious that not every student will have the ability to access remote learning and are keen to help schools address this. We work predominantly with young people from minority communities and disadvantaged backgrounds through our Diversity Programme and the Naz Bokhari Programme. The Foundation was founded to continue the legacy of the late Naz Bokhari OBE (former headteacher of Ernest Bevin). We are speaking to schools across Tooting, but if schools see this and have not been contacted, please also email info@nazlegacy.org

Find out more about the Naz Legacy Foundation http://www.nazlegacy.org/