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South London Listens: Covid mental health consultation

Consultation on mental health priorities in the pandemic by the South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust (SWLSTG)
Good mental health is vital to us all, especially during the pandemic.

Our local mental health trust, SWLSTG. is keen to find out about the impact that the Covid crisis has had on people’s mental health and what might help deal with this. It is organising a major consultation with the help of South London Citizens in an initiative “South London Listens” to help it strengthen and target its support.
The main idea behind South London Listens is to encourage people to gather in small informal groups, for example colleagues in a workplace or leisure group, and exchange thoughts on how their mental health has been during the pandemic, covering the difficulties they’ve faced and what they’ve found helpful. It doesn’t have to be an organised group, it can be a group of friends. There’s no preset agenda or any expectation of mental health expertise. The aim is to give people the opportunity to express their feelings spontaneously and naturally and chat to others.

Someone from the group sums up the findings and feeds them into South London Listens, which draws together the threads and takes them up with the mental health trust to help plan future support.

A full tool kit and support is given by South London Listens to anyone interested in getting involved. See overview slide pack.https://mcusercontent.com/e47bff345ce57a3990d13aa54/files/617b9ca2-a403-41ad-bb2c-10166e0478ce/Copy_of_Listening_Training_.pdf

If you’re interested, or want to find out more, please approach Peter Brierley Peter.Brierley@citizensuk.org
or follow this link
It’ll help if you can do this  as soon as possible, as this phase of the consultation is planned to end on 28th February.