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Tara Arts online workshops 18th and 19th March: ‘A Final Farewell’

Updates from Tara Arts
‘A final farewell’ 
Online workshops on 18th and 19th March
Many of us love the Tara Arts theatre in Garratt Lane and its energy and creativity.

Tara would like to let you know about what’s coming up, especially its online programme to capture aspects of the Covid crisis and people’s reactions to it. It will aim to give a voice to those whose stories might otherwise not be heard. These include those disproportionately affected by Covid and its challenges, young people, and those who have suffered bereavement.

A series of workshops ‘A final farewell’ will be held on 18th and 19th March in the third of these areas. The aims are to explore the sense of loss and grief felt by those who have lost loved ones, and draw together a picture of the person who has passed away. The workshops are open to all.

Full details are in this flyer, which includes registration details

To find out more, or if you would like a personal conversation, contact scarlett@tara-arts.com

More updates
Tara would also like to let you know about a series of online ‘solution focused’ panel discussions coming up ‘Tara Table Talks’ 

They would also love to find people from the local community to fill roles for which they are recruiting:
Development Director 
Marketing and Communications Manager 
Artistic Associate
More information at https://www.tara-arts.com/about-us/get-involved/work-with-us