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Celebrate Polish Heritage Day with Orleta Polish Dance Group


Celebrate Polish Heritage Day 3rd May
with Orleta Polish Folk Dance Group

Those who came to the BATCA Community Awards evening on 26th November were entranced by the colurful images of the Orleta Polish Folk Dance Group based in Balham. Basia Klimas, their leader received a well deserved Award.

Basia is very pleased to announce the group’s celebration of Polish Heritage Day in a new film to be premiered on 3rd May. Basia writes:

‘This is a socially distanced vibrant Polish folk dance in colourful national costumes presented by Orleta. Polish folk dance is normally danced in hold, in pairs. The dancers can’t wait to get back into hold. Despite this you will see their joy and vibrancy at finally being able to dance in albeit socially distanced company. They are having the best time in over a year!’

The film will be available from 3rd May via

Youtube Orletalondon

For more information, contact info@orleta.co.uk