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Celebrating life: Festival of the Dead 24th-30th October

Celebrating life : Festival of the Dead
24th– 30th October

Tooting artists and arts organisations invite you to join in the Festival of the Dead, a week long celebration of life in the presence of death. It includes a wealth of creative activities, talks and workshops and culminates in a grand parade on Tooting Common from 4.45-7.45pm on Sunday October 30th. All activities are free.

For full information, see the flyer bitly.ws/uYYT 

The organisers write

” What makes your life precious?  How do we live a good life?  The Festival of the Dead is all about these questions and about celebrating life whilst acknowledging that death is ever-present.

Festival of the Dead is based on three stories of remembrance, celebration, and community. At the time of year when many cultures traditionally remember their dead, the festival culminates in a Parade on Tooting Common, Oct 30th at sunset.

In the weeks before the parade there will be a variety of workshops for children and adults to make costumes and things to carry in the parade. These include artist led creative workshops for families, costume inspiration session and banner making and bock printing for flags and your own garments.

And we have some serious bits too – ‘Matters of Life and Death’ – with talks and discussion about

  • Grief, rituals and ‘where we go’ led by priest and professor June Boyce-Tillman and Poppy Mardall, ethical funeral director (Oct 13th)
  • A locally-focused, expert panel discussion looking at what is going right and what is going wrong on climate and what we could do together in Tooting to build social tipping points for change (Oct 18th)
  • A convivial lunch and facilitated conversations about death at Woodfield Pavilion (Oct 20th) .   

And a chance to see the really fantastic film A Matter of Life and Death at Lambeth Cemetery chapel, Oct 22nd, 6:00-7:45pm.  Tickets through Eventbrite.

Which brings us to our Parade, Oct 30th.  Meet at the lake on Tooting Common at 4:45pm for a twilight walk to the Woodfield Pavilion, with fantastic band Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, storytelling, food, an exhibition, a stilt walker and fire breather.

Follow us on Instagram – search for festival_of_the_dead or Facebook https://bit.ly/3SBBqEB

All our events are free, and we are generously supported by Wandsworth Grants and Aspire.”

If you have questions, email christy.billings@gmail.com