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Mushkil Aasaan, the Asian family centre in Upper Tooting Road, faces loss of its contract for homecare services with Wandsworth Council as a result of the tendering exercise now under way.

The new contract is likely to go to a provider with no expertise in meeting specific cultural needs. This move ignores the diversity of local needs and will undermine quality of life in Tooting. Mushkil Aasaan’s services are deeply cherished by service users and well regarded by CQC.

An action group (Mushkil Action) has been established to speak up for Mushkil Aasaan and persuade the council to think again.

Please show your support for Mushkil Aasaan in the following ways:

• Reply to this email indicating your support

• Visit the Mushkil Action website (www.mushkilaction.com) to see videos of service users, sign the online petition and register your support

• Write to your councillor. This really makes a difference.

• Follow Mushkil Action on Twitter: @mushkilaction

• Come to the public meeting at 7pm on Monday 3rd December at Mushkil Aasaan, 202 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7EW

• Join the protest at the full Council meeting on 5th December that will make the final decision on the new contract

• Send this message and the flyer attached round the networks you are involved with.

Mushkil Aasaan works for the whole community

As well as providing homecare services, Mushkil Aasaan is a community hub. It makes a big contribution to social cohesion and community relations by opening its doors to everyone. Many community groups and voluntary bodies of all backgrounds have received hospitality and encouragement from Mushkil Aaasaan It provides badly needed community meeting space, often at no charge and always with a generous heart. Loss of the contract will threaten this unique role.